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Historic and Famous Friendships

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Ep. 14. Films About Friendship

On the big screen a broken friendship can be mended in a matter of moments. Mary and Sienna discuss some of their favorite films featuring strong friendship themes.— Read More
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Ep. 11. Is Your Friend Ghosting You?

Ghosting is when someone completely disappears out of your life and it's almost as if they were never there to begin with. Mary and Sienna discuss why it sucks and how to handle it.— Read More
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Ep. 6. Drinking Buddies

It's no secret that alcohol is a social lubricant and can ease anxiety in a social setting, but drinking can sometimes make it too easy to overshare information.— Read More
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Ep. 5. Neighborhood Friends

If you get locked out of the house, neighborhood friends can be super helpful, but is that all they're good for? Mary and Sienna discuss.— Read More
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Ep. 4. Summer Camp Friends

Summer camp is a magical time to make friends and form bonds, but do those bonds stand the test of time once camp is over? Mary and Sienna share their experiences in this episode of Make New Friends.— Read More
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Ep. 1. Make New Friends: Easier Said Than Done

In this, the inaugural episode of Make New Friends, Mary and Sienna introduce themselves and offer a little insight into what you can expect to hear over the course of Season 1, as well as discuss why it's so dang difficult to make new friends!— Read More

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