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Good Friend or a Bad Friend? by Sam Cummings

"I have this dream where I'm 30-something and regularly meeting up with my pals for breakfast/lunch/movies/home hang outs and we spend hours just talking and bonding," muses Sam Cummings in her essay, ultimately asking the question: "Am I a good friend or a bad friend?"— Read More
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Ep. 24. Be Your Own BFF

Do you treat yourself the way you'd treat your BFF? Of course we all want to believe that we show ourselves as much kindness as we show our BFFs, however we may not actually have the best relationship.— Read More
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Ep. 23. When To Let A Friendship Go

Are all friendships built to last? There are numerous red flags to look out for which may signal that the friendship has reached its expiration date and it's time to let the friendship go.— Read More
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Ep. 22. Bad Friendship Habits

Not every friendship is perfect, but some are fraught with bad habits. Mary and Sienna discuss bad friendship habits and offer tips for breaking them.— Read More
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Ep. 21. Pets as Friends!

There are numerous benefits of having pets, but can pets really be seen as friends? In this episode, Mary and Sienna look at research and share their own pet stories!— Read More
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Ep. 20. Can Family Be Friends?

Every family has a different dynamic, but can family members be considered friends? Mary and Sienna explore the meaning of family intimacy and closeness.— Read More
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Ep. 19. Are You My BFF?

When someone says "I consider you my best friend" with seemingly no warning, it can be a little difficult to know how to respond in the correct way. Mary and Sienna discuss how they define a BFF.— Read More

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Bromance Across States by Robert Beiler

“We call it things like “male bonding” or a “bromance” — which, while in fun — shows that we feel uncomfortable taking it seriously.” In an interview with his best friend, Robert Beiler uncovers what has made their friendship last.

Making Friends As An Adult

As a young man, I wasn’t very good at making friends. I was nervous, awkward, bad at sports, cried easily, gave up quickly, avoided putting in effort. Most of these things are still true as an adult.