Drinking Buddies

Drunken Minds Speak Sober Truths

It’s no secret that alcohol is a social lubricant and can ease anxiety in a social setting, but sometimes it makes it a little too easy to overshare information. Mary and Sienna discuss research and share stories about oversharing at parties.

Drinking in College

In college, Sienna saw flip cup as a chance to make new connections at parties, while Mary spent her time flitting between different friend groups. Not only is it less intimidating, but it makes it easier to meet new people at house parties.

How Does Drinking Change Your Personality?

Sometimes even the most introverted person can become the life of the party after a drink or two! It’s pretty common to become more talkative, but sometimes you might feel a little braver, too. Sienna and Mary discuss how their personalities change when drinking.

Making Friends at Parties

When Mary moved to England in 2015, she was invited to a New Year’s Eve party in London and that was the night she made her core group of London friends. Recounting the events of that evening, Mary reflects on the role alcohol played in making new friends and how some of those friendships have either flourished or faded away.

Peer Pressure and Funny Stories

Mary and Sienna discuss their experiences with peer pressure during high school and some of the stigma that comes with being the only sober person at a party. In addition to peer pressure, they also talk about some of the more humorous things that happened while at parties.


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Hosted by Mary Akemon and Sienna Mooney
Produced by Alex Papworth
Music by Max Wallace
Episode illustration by Maddy Vian

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