Steve Wiilliams

“Inspires introspection and sparks a conversation.” ★★★★★ Make New Friends nails the key aspects of all great podcasts: likeable hosts, natural flowing conversation, crisp production, etc. On top of that, it inspires you to throw…


“Much needed!” ★★★★★ – So many romance podcasts, OF COURSE we need this. Friendly and warm, love this 🙂


“This Show Gets It” ★★★★★ – You know that feeling you get as a mid to late 20 something about having (or not having) friends? This show hits those feels exactly! First episode had a…


“Real talk.” ★★★★★ – These smart ladies are putting a microscope on the nature of friendship in ways I didn’t know I needed to hear. I’m excited to hear what future episodes hold!