“Inspires introspection and sparks a conversation.”

Make New Friends nails the key aspects of all great podcasts: likeable hosts, natural flowing conversation, crisp production, etc. On top of that, it inspires you to throw a healthy dose of thought behind a part of everyday life which we perhaps take for granted a lot of the time. Mary and Sienna shine a spotlight on the nature of friendships, channeling their own perspectives and tapping into the viewpoints and experiences of others. The podcast explores dynamics which we could all benefit from being more mindful of!

Steve Wiilliams

“Real talk.” ★★★★★ – These smart ladies are putting a microscope on the nature of friendship in ways I didn’t know I needed to hear. I’m excited to hear what future episodes hold!


“This Show Gets It” ★★★★★ – You know that feeling you get as a mid to late 20 something about having (or not having) friends? This show hits those feels exactly! First episode had a…


“Much needed!” ★★★★★ – So many romance podcasts, OF COURSE we need this. Friendly and warm, love this 🙂